The past year has been refocused on releasing and producing more beats focused work. Getting back to my roots.

I re-organised my music online into more logical aliases to reflect the various strands of my work rather than confusing people lumping everything into “Broadway Project”.


This is my new project. A bit more dance focused.  Started alongside House producer Rashid Ajami, we’ve has a couple of collaborations released on two very well respected dance music labels (Selador and Armada) and we have more scheduled to come.

Here’s the new artists page, with the two current releases;

“Broadway Project”

My original alias from 2000 (!). These are my personal projects. Where I simply make the music I love. Earlier this year I self-released an album (probably my best album tbh) called “Golden”. Strangely, a mini-album I made with Matthew Bourne in 2014 has been getting a bit of traction, gaining 100k listens this year.

“Dan Berridge”

Reflecting my work on scores for film and TV (and imaginary sometimes 😉 ). Most of my work goes to broadcast as my name, so I figured I needed to categorise it as such.