Ghost Hunters Trailer – Broadway Project Music

I’ve just done some music for a trailer of the new series of a US program called Ghost Hunters, for Sci-Fi channel.
They were after a textural mood piece, not being too obviously scary. I did the sound design too.
A lot of granular synthesis in this baby!

[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’’][/pro-player]

Here’s my preferred edit of the music without fx
Ghosts 2 by Broadway Project


Identity of the Soul Original Soundtrack

In the winter of 2008 I wrote a soundtrack with Paul Noble
to the film or cinematic performance, “Identity of the Soul”.
Despite it being a magnificent, 5-cinema screen production (or perhaps because of this fact and the inherent difficulties of staging such an event), Identity of the Soul has not received many viewings or performances.

This is a shame, its mind blowing to watch.

I’ve recently been getting a good few emails from people inquiring about the music and whether it will be released. It is frustrating for Paul and me having music that you are proud of sitting there gathering dust, so here it is on Soundcloud in its non-5.1 format.

Identity of the Soul Original Soundtrack 2009 by Broadway Project

Conviction Film – new Broadway Project score.


Here’s a news article about a film called “Conviction”, a film I scored last year, but have not been able to go public about. I’m still not allowed to post a clip due to various reasons, but there is a clip at the bottom of this article HERE.

The film starring Adam Deacon, (Adulthood, Kidulthood and Shank) tells the powerful story of Andrew (Isa) Ibrahim who in April 2008 was convicted of terrorist offences including possession of an explosive substance, intent to commit terrorism and possession of articles for terrorist purposes.

Here’s a set of music from the film;
Conviction Music (Part 1) by Broadway Project

Film Music Round Up

Here’s a round up of some of the more wide screen film music I was working on during October last year. Some of these are for an in production American project and hilariously, one is a very rushed pitch for the new Sherlock Holmes movie (unbelievably, I don’t think I got  the gig, but Hanz Zimmer was bricking it).

The ace Billy Fuller from Beak> was playing bass for me. Hope to work with him a lot in the future.

There was another great film called Conviction that I worked on last year, but for various reasons I’m not allowed to post a clip of that yet. Hopefully these will pan out into projects in this new year.

In the meantime, I’m working with Universal on a library music project that I’m very excited about. More of that soon.

Here’s those demos;
Film Work Oct ’10 by Broadway Project

New Broadway Project Ad Spot – Max Factor (Part 1)

I have written some music for a new Max Factor Ad Campaign. Featuring Cecilia Stalin on vocals and Andy Dragazis on guitars.

The ad should be going on air across Europe anytime now. This ad will be followed by another one I’ve written and produced with the same team.

Max Factor “Foundation”[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’’][/pro-player]

New tracks for a secret project

Here’s a couple of new tracks from a series of demo’s I’ve put together with Paul Noble for another secret project (this all sounds very covert, doesn’t it, its only so I don’t compromise projects in production).

I am working with Paul on more mainstream modern cinematic music, which is something I have been  wanting to develop for a while. Myself and Paul worked together on “Identity of the Soul”, which you can see on the Films page.

Detention Demo 2 by Broadway Project
Detention Demo 1 by Broadway Project

New track and EP on the way – Lost

Here’s a track  (its a demo really, I might add vocals) of a track I’ve done recently called “Lost”. It’s one of a batch of new tunes that I’m working on in my spare time  that I’m really  excited about. This spare time is going to be reduced considerably very soon after the birth of my second child, but its on its way, I promise.

Lost by Broadway Project

Broadway Project reunites with Richard Palmer


For old school fans of my earlier albums here’s a rare collaboration with my old vocalist and mate Richard Palmer. I basically rinsed one of his lovely new songs and ended up with this. The vibe went straight back to 2003 but without the samples! It’s a slow burner. kind of Tindersticks meets Ennio Morricone (I wish).

More (new) vocal collaborations on the way.

Dancing Bear (with Richard Palmer) by Broadway Project

New Broadway Project Ad Spot; Mobily


Here’s another new ad spot with music composed by Broadway Project for Saudi brand Mobily. It’s all about HRH the Prince-whatsisname.

Here’s a version without the Arabic voice over or FX, so you can hear a proper burst of the original track.Full ad is on my Music for Ads page.


[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’’][/pro-player]

New Ads Deichmann; Part 2

Here’s another new ad spot with music by Dan Berridge / Broadway Project. I also did the sound design on this one too. Again for German brand Deichmann and directed by Mehdi Norowzain.

And a longer version of the original track I composed for the ad. Bit of a light Flying Lotus vibe on this one.

Gracelands 1 min Original version by Broadway Project
[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’’][/pro-player]

New Ads Deichmann; Part 1

Two ads airing in Germany at the moment for which I composed the music. For a joint campaign for  Deichmann brand. Both directed by Mehdi Norowzain

With the original tracks that I composed for the ad (featuring a LOT of sounds made on a violin).


Arrow (full length) by Broadway Project
VALOUR by Broadway Project

[pro-player type=”mp4″ width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’’][/pro-player]

[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’’][/pro-player]

Flickan (The Girl) OST Album is out

So, it has been out for a while, but this is a formal announcement.
You can buy the soundtrack to Fredrik Edfeldt’s truly lovely film Flickan on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Here’s the trailer to the original film (in Swedish);

It was quite a conceptual one for me as the music was needed to convey a variety of tones and moods on what is a sensitive subject matter (the isolation of a child) without becoming maudlin or over sentimental. We went with Piano, some very intimate cellos and violins, and lots of vintage analogue synths.

“Flickan” received two special mentions at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival.

And you can buy the album here;Broadway Project - Flickan (Aka the Girl) [Original Soundtrack]


Leaving nominated for prestigious BIFA awards

“Leaving”, a short film (featuring original music by Dan Berridge/Broadway Project), is one of five films nominated for the prestigious award for Best British Short at this year’s BIFA awards.

To be eligible for the Short Film category, the film must have already won an award at a festival, making the competition particularly strong. Kierston Wareing, the female lead in Leaving, has also received one of eight nominations for Andrea Arnold’s feature film Fish Tank for Best Supporting Actress.

Leaving has already enjoyed success at various festivals and competitions including 1st prize at TCM classic shorts competition in 2008, the Silver Dragon at Crakow Film Festival, Best Film from the South West at Encounters and the Fuji Award for Best Cinematography.

More info can be found on the Omni Productions blog.

Identity of the Soul

Fresh from sold out full-size (5 cinema screens) screenings in Norway, Qatar, Palestine, Jordan and UAE, the “Studio” version of “Identity of the Soul” takes on its 2nd half of its mini-UK tour. You can catch it in the venues below. It really is a feast for the eyes and ears! And the closest you’ll get to see personal appearance by me.

2.30pm Saturday 7th November Cameo Picturehouse, Edinburgh

6.45pm Tuesday 10th November Scala Cinema, Prestatyn

7pm Wednesday 11th November Chapter Cinema, Cardiff

6.45pm Tuesday 17th November Regal Picturehouse, Henley

time tbc Sunday 20th December Pictureville Cinema, Bradford

time tbc Thursday 21st January Birmingham Library Theatre

“Identity of the Soul” is a live cinematic performance about revenge, reconciliation and the individual. The score was written by Paul Noble and myself.

“The performance is not just a supreme technical achievement, it is also profoundly moving and offers a rare insight into the human condition. … powerful, visually impressive and emotionally stirring. If you miss Terje Vigen – Identity of the Soul …you will miss something great.”

Flickan (The Girl) OST

If you are living in Europe (outside the UK) then you should keep an eye out for the Swedish film “Flickan (The Girl)”, which is doing the rounds in selected cinema’s.

I’m very proud to have written all the music for this film.

The film recieved a special mention at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival and is a beautiful piece of work IMHO. Details of a UK and US release are still to be worked out, but I’ll post as soon as I know (they don’t tell me anything).

I will be releasing the soundtrack as per usual on ODS Recordings, which you’ll be able to find on iTunes, Spotify, et’al soon. Again, I’m not sure when.

To celebrate, here’s a track from the score: