Dan Berridge – “Great Bear Stakeout” Music Score

I’ve just finished working on the music for the BBC’s new series about Grizzly Bears in Alaska. Its for the Natural History Unit here in Bristol and was Directed by the twin talents of Jeff Wilson and David Marks who both previously worked on Frozen and Human Planets respectively.

The series airs next week 24th April 2013 on BBC1.

The music covers a broad spectrum as BBC1 dictates, but I hopefully have managed to sneak in some of my own individual tone into the mix. I was helped on guitar by Mark Creswell and on Cello and Piano by Matthew Bourne.

You can watch a few clips here on the BBC website.

I have compiled most of the music used in the series here, although other pieces of my released music were also used;

We had a very last minute recording and mixing flurry at Real World Studios in Bath last week, with some incredible microphones. With the help of my friend and Orchestrator Liz Purnell we recorded 8 pieces with the Bristol Ensemble.

Late last year I was asked to arrange and record a solo piano piece (Chopin Prelude No. 15 in D-Flat Major) to work with a new TV ad, that was unfortunately canceled. Matthew Bourne and myself recorded these pieces on a Steinway Grand in Leeds (UK), with Mic’s, Laptops, desks and leads in hand. I thought they were nice and would post them.

We suggested recording a solo piano version of Schubert’s Piano Trio in E Minor as it seemed to also work quite well. Whist we had imagined this would be a case of simply learning, performing and recording the said pieces, it turned out to be more involved; ie. restructuring the score to work within 60 seconds, to have the right dynamics to hit certain key points in the ad and to resolve well at the end. Not to mention working to the wrong cut version of the ad!

In the end it worked out well, Matt played beautifully, I was happy with the arrangement and the recording and everyone seemed to like it.

Chopin Prelude No. 15 in D-Flat Major performed by Matthew Bourne by Dan Berridge

Schubert Piano Trio (Solo) in E Minor performed by Matthew Bourne by Dan Berridge

Matt at work in the venue;

Broadway Project Tracks from Nuggets – Cinema Lost and Found

Late last year some tracks I recorded for a Universal Production Music Library were released on the album “Nuggets – Cinema Lost and Found” (Nuggets 07), so I thought I’d compile my tracks and post up a little information about the project.

Cinema Lost & Found NUGGETS07 by Broadway Project

The idea is to take pieces of music from the Chappell Library Music archive and remix those recordings into something new and modern, in this instance, something electronic and cinematic.

As a bit of a Vinyl fetishist, I took this as a chance to raid the faults at Universal, which contain original vinyl copies of music from many Library Music labels, such as Chappell, Bruton and Atmosphere.

New Broadway Project music for BBC Natural History project

Here’s some recently composed music that I developed for a BBC production for the Natural History Unit here in Bristol.
They are sketches vibed from the script and conversations with the production team. I worked with Mark Creswell, who plays Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Trez and National Steel.

Whilst the remaining work will go off in a number of directions, these tracks formed the basis of me getting involved and I will post more tracks and details as I begin in earnest next year.

Broadway Project sister album “Film Works Vol 1” released

My new album “Film Works Vol 1” was released digitally on Monday. Its a sister album to “The City Breathes” and focuses, as you might expect from the title, on work I’ve done for film. Mostly over the past two years, over a number of film and TV projects.

Film Works Vol. 1 on Bleep.com

Film Works Vol. 1 on iTunes

I decided to release it alongside the main album as they both have a lot of similarities with the former album focusing on more beat-based arrangements. “Film Works” showcases more classic cinematic stylings as well as a number of more improvised electro-acoustic works.

I have a number of EP’s featuring new tracks a beat-based remixes coming out soon.

In the meantime here’s and nice fairly accurate review from Bleep.com
“Dan Berridge follows up his last double-part album under his Broadway Project alias, ‘The City Breathes’, with ‘Film Works Volume 1’, an epic 34-track selection of some of Berridge’s best and most important compositions made for celluloid. With a career heavily focused on film scores, cinematic atmosphere is unneringly apparent – this is crystalline widescreen material laced with incredible depth and icy layers of atmosphere.”

“The City Breathes” received a nice bit of support from Spotify staying on the recommended list for two weeks, see nerdy picture (which also shows I like Kraftwerk and I need a Java update);

New Broadway Project Album Out Now

I am very proud to announce that my 5th album proper is out now on all digital formats to buy. Entitled “The City Breathes”, it showcases the more urban, beat side to my music and its probably the best thing I’ve done so far.

Click on the iTunes link or the the far superior Bleep.com


You can also get FLACS of all my work here, which I would recommend.

The City Breathes - Broadway Project

The cover photo is a shot by the very talented Rod Maclachlan.

With an almost pathological lack of commercial sense we (that is ODS Recordings) are also releasing a sister album called “Film Works Vol 1” very shortly.

Fireflies Trailer Broadway Project Score

I thought I should post the trailer to a short film a composed some music for late last year. Called FIREFLIES its a 20-min drama written and directed by Anastasia Kirillova. (35mm. Production company: Bonnie Parker in association with Gorgeous Enterprises – London, UK). I have mentioned this before, but its nice to see a full length finished trailer before it Wows at the festivals!

“Fireflies” trailer from Anastasia Kirillova on Vimeo.

Synopsis: A modern day rites of passage tale of Agnes, a 12 year-old girl, whose spontaneous journey into the woods one evening, leads her to discover the uncertain world of adolescent relationships, unravelling in the midst of nocturnal nature, in all it’s magical ambiguity. Following up on a longed for invitation by Victor, the object of her innocent desire, she is forced to make the small yet unforgettable steps towards intimacy and womanhood.

Broadway Project New Ad for “Cocaine Unwrapped” Documentary Campaign

I’ve just finished working on some music for the Anti-Cocaine charity One Line = One Life through Stink.

[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/OneLineOneLife.png’]http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/OneLineOneLife.m4v[/pro-player]

Its a Leo Burnett campaign supporting the ‘Cocaine Unwrapped’ documentary to raise awareness towards the devastating suffering in South America caused by the UK consumption of cocaine.

The piece is called “Road Trip” written with my good friend Matthew Bourne.

The City Breathes I and II

So, as well as all the other music I do, I work hard on trying to output as much of my own material as I can. Lets be honest, that’s why I’m in it in the first place.

Here is a double album entitled The City Breathes which will be released (one way or another) this year. Part I is the full album proper and Part II is the accompanying minimalistic, darker, sister album.

All written in 2011.

Dan Berridge – The City Breathes I by Dan Berridge
Dan Berridge – The City Breathes II by Dan Berridge

New Ad Spot – Green Giant

Here’s a new ad I composed music for. I worked with The Collaborators in Bristol and A Large Evil Corporation (I love saying that name).
This is the French version, UK version will be on air soon.

[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/Green_Giant_France_30_Final.png’]http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/Green_Giant_France_30_Final.m4v[/pro-player]

Fireflies – new Broadway Project score.

I’ve just finished working on a score for a 20minute film by Anastasia Kirillova. I won’t say what its about, but it very beautiful. I’ll post more info when its screened next year. Here’s a little preview clip and a couple of cues from the film.

[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/FIREFLIESclip-iPhone.png’]http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/FIREFLIESclip-iPhone.m4v[/pro-player]

Broadway Project Music from “Fireflies” by Broadway Project

Broadway Project Music from “TopBoy”

I have written and adapted 10 tracks for the new C4 series “TopBoy”. The tracks sit alongside some amazing music by Brian Eno and others. This looks like a really interesting series and definitely one to watch.

A busy summer. I have also completed a soundtrack to a film and a drama for BBC. More info to come

[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/TopBoy-iPhone.png’]http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/TopBoy-iPhone.m4v[/pro-player]

Broadway Project Music from “TopBoy” by Broadway Project

Broadway Project New Ad Spot for Volvo

Here’s some music I have written for a Volvo television advert called “Command” (needs to be said in a very manly way). It sounds like Werner Herzog doing the voice over, but I don’t think it is.

d x

[pro-player type=”m4v” width=”400″ height=”300″ image=’http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/Volvo.png’]http://www.broadwayproject.co.uk/Ads_mp4s/Volvo.m4v[/pro-player]