New “Broadway Project” Release “Remnants EP” coming soon on ODS Recordings

Finally, time to get around to release a backlog of music.

This small project “Remnants” was the result of a few weeks of trying out fun ideas I had around old 70’s Library music/Jazz LP’s and my love of old-school Jungle breaks. Separate from my general passion for writing music to picture, I kind of get my rocks off from time to time with some beats!

My music was years ago framed around sampling from old vinyl and I’ve been working for a few years now on sampling from myself. In this mode, these programmed drum patterns, although sounding purposefully live, have their grooves originated from classic drum breaks which formed the basis of much Jungle/Drum & Bass. In that way, hopefully I’ve captured some of essence of that time, distilled through my own, slightly odd lens.

Despite a bit of interest from Labels, I love being able to release stuff myself completely free of any outside influence (or direction….even though I like directors :-))!!