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Since 2002 I have been writing music for film projects and around ’02/’03 I was involved in the setting up of a company called Omni Productions with the personal intention of collaborating with film-makers I respect. Not all of that is included here as a certain amount has disappeared into the ether (notably the work I did for Andrea Arnold on “Dog” in 2002), but I am lucky enough to have been asked to work on some wonderful larger projects, some of which you can see below. Dan.

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Top Boy

(Dir; Yann Damange C4)

A selection from the 10 pieces I wrote for the program in support Brian Eno’s main score.

Great Bear Stakeout

(Dir; Jeff Wilson BBC)

A selection of my favorite clips from the BBC Natural History production which I scored.

“Identity of the Soul”

(Thomas Houegh/Met Film)
Feature/Performance with Vanessa Redgrave.

Boarding School Bomber

(BBC/Omni Productions)


Compelling drama-documentary which tells the story of how, three years after the 7/7 attacks on London, a busy shopping centre in Bristol was the intended target of a devastating terrorist attack.
More here.

Flickan/The Girl
(Acne/Fredrik Edfeldt)


Recieved two special mentions at the Berlin Film Festival.

Co-Composed with Matthew Bourne.

Point Zero

(Dir; Arthur Cauras FORGE)

Point Zero is Post-Nuke film about a man in a devastated future who has to fight against dangerous mad men, in order to save his family. (The film is still in post production, so with kind permission, I’ve posted this clip which has no Sound Design or CGI. To be updated…..)

I am Home

(Dir; Anastasia Kirillova)


(Dir; Anastasia Kirillova)

Land of Blood and Honey (Trailer)


Variety review.

“Here is Somewhere Else – The Disappearance of Bas Jan Ader”
(Rene Daalder/Warner Bros./Cult Epics)

Co-Composed with Matthew Bourne

Film Site.

Better Things (Duane Hopkins/Film4)

Variety review.


(Omni Productions 2008)
Won the London Film Festival TCM Shorts Award, the Encounters Audience and ITV West awards.

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