I thought I should post the trailer to a short film a composed some music for late last year. Called FIREFLIES its a 20-min drama written and directed by Anastasia Kirillova. (35mm. Production company: Bonnie Parker in association with Gorgeous Enterprises – London, UK). I have mentioned this before, but its nice to see a full length finished trailer before it Wows at the festivals!

“Fireflies” trailer from Anastasia Kirillova on Vimeo.

Synopsis: A modern day rites of passage tale of Agnes, a 12 year-old girl, whose spontaneous journey into the woods one evening, leads her to discover the uncertain world of adolescent relationships, unravelling in the midst of nocturnal nature, in all it’s magical ambiguity. Following up on a longed for invitation by Victor, the object of her innocent desire, she is forced to make the small yet unforgettable steps towards intimacy and womanhood.