“Film Works 3 – Electronic Music for Film”

I am about to release a new collection of music in the “Film Works” series. It will be available soon on the usual digital outlets.

“This is the third instalment of Dan Berridge’s “Broadway Project – Film Works” Series. Collections of music for and from film. In this series Berridge focuses on Electronic Themes on an epic scale. Using purely “electronic orchestration” to create grand scale, yet subtle themes and motifs aimed at Title sequences and trailers. Many pieces from the “Film Works” series of releases have found homes on films and TV.

“electronic orchestration” refers to a personal commitment in my music making to avoid presets and sample libraries. It was a hasty decision, which has proved very time consuming (!) but satisfying and hopefully sets my music apart in a genre which can sound pretty generic.

If anyone wants lossless versions, please get in touch with me direct.