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Two New South African Ad Spots

I’ve just completed work on the music for a couple of TV Ads to be broadcast in South Africa, for Y&R Johannesburg.

New Dan Berridge score “Rebeka Martinsson Series”

I have recently been busy on two contrasting projects; one a Score for a Swedish crime drama series provisionally titled “Asa Larsson” and the other is building myself a new studio!

The former is “Rebeka Martinsson Series”, a rural crime drama based on the novels of Åsa Larsson, directed by Fredrik Edfeldt (for whom I wrote the score “Flickan – The Girl” in 2009) and starring Ida Engvoll. The following playlist is the music which constitutes two episodes from a four episode series. More information to follow.


Trippin Ghosts

I pleased that a piece I wrote with David Harks is being received well. Released on JumJum Records and available now on iTunes. The fruit of a creative break in Andalucia over the summer, where I worked on several collaborations, this is my first release proper with David Harks, even though we have collaborated on a number of smaller projects. So, I’m really looking forward to more.

Dan Berridge Score for Greenpeace Film “A Song of Oil, Ice and Fire”

I was recently commissioned to score a short film for Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” Campaign, which is being used to highlight the fact that Shell are preparing to begin drilling for oil in the Arctic.

At time of posting, the film had recieved over 3m online views, which is great.

I was commissioned by my good friends Wake The Town, London.

O Centuries

Here’s a short film from a film-maker called Lee Foster, featuring a dance improvisation by Dancer Sam Kennedy. It features a track of mine called “Rose”.


“Best Shorts” Award for Best Score for “One Way to Osaka”







“One Way to Osaka” has won a couple more awards at the Best Shorts competition in the US. Best film and Best Score at the “Awards of Excellence”.

Plenty of details and music from the film below.

“One Way To Osaka” Score Wins Best Short Film Score Award at “Music and Sound Awards”!

My score for the Knuclehead Short Film production “One Way to Osaka” c/o Mad Planet has won the award in the Best Short Film Score category at the Music and Sound Awards in London.

I’ve posted about this film before, so don’t want to duplicate the links to the film and music below, so please scroll down the posts to find the music and film.

As I’ve mentioned I was helped enormously by my friends and colloborators Matt Bourne and David Harks

The film was directed by The Dempsey Brothers and follows a young girl around the streets of Osaka back home to her family.

Unfortunately I wasn’t there to pick up the award, as I wasn’t invited despite having won, which is confusing, but its nice to be picked for doing something you love.

Music and Sound Awards


“Iceland – A Wild Life” New Dan Berridge Score

I have just finished working on my score for the upcoming BBC Natural History Documentary about Iceland, called “Iceland – A Wild Life”.

Not too much detail yet to show about the film, which should be broadcast in May, but its beautiful and hopefully the music will give you a feel for it. It was shot by my talented neighbour Ian Llewellyn.

Massive thanks to Matt Bourne, who, in an epic effort, scored and played most of the strings on his one cello and David Harks, who was as generous with his time and talents as always.

Vid Warren ’89 – ’15

This is a piece of music I wrote with the young Vid Warren a few years ago. I believe he recently passed away and I wanted to share it as he was wicked.
I contacted him with an idea, he came with LOADS and nailed it (with a suit on). A real shame nothing came of the track as I would loved to have seen him get a bit of publicity.
A true individual and funky as hell!!

///Deathly Silence///

In leu of a glut of music about to be finished and delivered (and in case it appears that I’ve given up to become a monk), heres a few tracks that I wrote end of last year, very different in nature and none with a proper home as yet. And a revealing picture of me hard at work. Respect.

LIA Awards Best Original Music Nomination

The music I composed for Samsung’s “Sport Doesn’t Care” campaign for the Sotchi Winter Para-Olympics has been nominated for “Best Original Music” at the prestigious London International Awards.

See details on the LIA page.

Based in New York the Awards are “to award creativity and the power of ideas in all forms of advertising, digital, branded content, design, production and music and sound”


Broadway Project/Dan Berridge TV Ad for Addressandring

I’ve written a piece of music for the director Fredrik Edfeldt, which is for a Swedish company Addressandring, via Stylewar. Its nice to work with Fredrik again after composing the music for his first feature film Flickan.

“One Way to Osaka” new Dan Berridge/Broadway Project score.

I’ve just finished working on a score to a short film called “One Way to Osaka” directed by The Dempseys.

Larger parts of it were with collaboration with David Harks on vocals and Matthew Bourne on Piano and Cello.

Here’s a link to the full film;

And the score on Soundcloud;

New Dan Berridge Score for Hugo Boss Bottled TV Ad featuring Gerald Butler

I recently scored the music to a new worldwide TV Ad campaign for Hugo Boss Bottled perfume, called “Boss Reloaded – Man of Today”.
The Spot features Gerald Butler.

Here is the full piece that I composed for the ad.

New Music for Nokia Apps Ad

Here’s a cheeky little piece that I wrote for Nokia, via my friends at Omni Productions.

I can do happy.

New Broadway Project Mini-LP with Matthew Bourne

I’m close to releasing a collection of tracks written with my friend and long-term collaborator Matthew Bourne. Its provisionally titled Bourne/Berridge/Bourne and features 7 tracks written last autumn backwards and forwards from Bristol to North Yorkshire.

The album also features one collaboration with the guitarist Gareth Dickson. The artwork is a photograph by the amazing photographer and cameraman Ian Llewellyn.

I’m sure that we will continue to amend and add to this collection of tracks before I finally release it officially, but its certainly warrants sharing now :-)

New Broadway Project/Dan Berridge Adidas Advert for SA’s Orlando Giants

This is a piece that I have written for Adidas South Africa in support of the Orlando Giants Football team in Soweto (with on Piano). Here’s the original track;

In the Footsteps of Giants – Iceland Documentary Early Demo’s


I recently put a few test pieces together for a new BBC Documentary about Iceland. Its currently being filmed by the wonderful Andrew Chastney and Ian LLewellyn (Ian’s stills photography has to be seen to be believed- Ian on Instagram).

The initial idea for the music is to create some kind of relationship between natural sounds “in the field” and music within a number of minimal pieces, using natural sounds as a raw material for electronic processing to create a hybrid of musical/environmental, and then to build the score around these. I will hopefully be working with renowned field recordist Chris Watson, which will also be a privilege.

Its a challenge. But hopefully one that will create an immersive score that is “alive” with the environment. These are a few tracks where I tried out a few ideas. Next step is to get out in the field to record raw materials for the rest of the score.

Also, I would recommend the lovely blog of the filming of this program called “In the Footsteps of Giants”

“DERRIERE LA LUNE aka Behind The Moon” New Score Trailer

Here’s a trailer for a film I worked on last year for Vincent Genot called “DERRIERE LA LUNE”. It will be appearing at festivals around Europe in the coming months.

I have already posted the music from the score on a previous post below.

Derrière la lune – bande annonce from Vincent Genot on Vimeo.

Broadway Project New Music for Paralympics Samsung Film “Sport Doesn’t Care”


This is a film made for the Winter Paralymics which I wrote some music for. Entitled “Sport Doesn’t Care”. Hopefully the delicate situation out there will settle down and let people get back to doing positive things like the amazing athletes featured in the film!!

Here’s the original track used, which you can download if you so wish;