With his Golden LP, Bristol based TV and film soundtrack composer Dan Berridge reappears as Broadway Project; his moniker when producing music for himself and his discerning fans – his first album ‘Compassion’ (Memphis Industries/XL) became a cult favourite with rave reviews from NME, BBC, et al. 

He’s recently scored the soundtracks for TV’s Scandi Noir ‘Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders’, but his alter ego Broadway Project is a more edgy, rough-hewn musician. A self-confessed ‘ramshackle audiophile’ with a ‘no preset’ policy and a cut-and-paste kitchen sink approach to instrumentation, he built the speakers and amps the new 12-tracker was mixed on, and the sound design/synth programming becomes part of the music as much as the notes he plays.


The life-affirming, mind-altering musical storybook which is ‘Golden’ emerges from all things esoteric, musical influences such as ’70’s Electronic Jazz, Eastern Bloc abstract fusion, ’90’s Jungle, ECM, Tangerine Dream.

‘Golden’ with its joyous indie electronica is also largely inspired by his own seminal ‘Compassion’ album released in ’01. For those in the know it was a cut-and-paste masterpiece, put together with only a rudimentary MPC60 sampler. This time though, Dan performs all instruments and has collaborated with a number of relatively unknown, but talented vocalists from around the US and UK.

The goal for Dan has always been to come full circle. To grow. To learn. To live. Become a musician. And to come back with the naivety that bred ‘Compassion’ intact for a new ‘Golden’ age.