Rebecka Martinsson: Season 2 premieres on TV4 (Sweden)

Rebecka Martinsson; The Arctic Murders Season 2  has just premiered in Sweden on TV4.

I finished writing the score during a long stay in Stockholm in November ’19 year and I’m very pleased with it.

There is an upcoming release of the Score planned for early July. I will keep you posted.

Here’s a few selected pre-release tracks from the series.


“Penguins; Life on the Edge” premieres on Disney Plus.

At the end of last year I finished the score to the wonderful wildlife documentary “Penguins; Life on the Edge”, which has just premiered on Disney Plus.

“Follows the witty and tenacious team of filmmakers behind Disneynature’s Penguins (2019), a coming-of-age story about an Adélie penguin named Steve.”

Here’s a selection of tracks from my score;



Update Sept ’19

Since I have spent most of this year working on three unfinished projects simultaneously, I thought I’d post some clips. Its tricky to update some things as I’m often required to keep it quiet.
One wildlife documentary for Disney, the second Season of “Rebecka Martinsson – Arctic Murders” and a new album of my own tracks.

“Deep State” Titles Win RTS Award

The title sequence to the Fox TV series “Deep State” that I wrote the score for and did the Sound Design has won the arts and crafts award at the prestigious Royal Television Society Awards.

Seems like the music and Sound Design gets a special mention;
“The jury felt this strong narrative themed sequence was beautifully executed. The visuals move from light to dark, the great choice of music descends into a heavy wave of glitches, static, and cymbals which really encapsulates the mood and central character of the show.”

I couldn’t agree more!

“Film Works 3 – Electronic Music for Film”

I am about to release a new collection of music in the “Film Works” series. It will be available soon on the usual digital outlets.

“This is the third instalment of Dan Berridge’s “Broadway Project – Film Works” Series. Collections of music for and from film. In this series Berridge focuses on Electronic Themes on an epic scale. Using purely “electronic orchestration” to create grand scale, yet subtle themes and motifs aimed at Title sequences and trailers. Many pieces from the “Film Works” series of releases have found homes on films and TV.”

“electronic orchestration” refers to a personal commitment in my music making to avoid presets and sample libraries. It was a hasty decision, which has proved very time consuming (!) but satisfying and hopefully sets my music apart in a genre which can sound pretty generic.

If anyone wants lossless versions, please get in touch with me direct.

Dan Berridge/Broadway Project “Film Works 3; Electronic Themes”

Here is a teaser clip to a project I’m working on.

People who know my work will have noticed that I have been releasing collections of music for (and used on) film, for a number of years now. This is the third collection and should be available in a couple of months (once my agent lets me release them!).

The concept behind this one was a commitment to write strong dramatic themes using none of the usual go-to composer palette of sounds. For this project I composed using only electronic sounds (with the exception of live piano) created from scratch myself. ie. No Presets and No Sample Libraries. Absolutely meaningless to most, but very important to myself as a mark of authenticity and (at the very least) trying to add something new to the genre.

Dan Berridge new work for FOX TV “Deep State” series.

I recently wrote and produced the Music and Sound Design to the new FOX TV series “Deep State”, which aired yesterday. Thanks to Hollie at Cord.
Strictly speaking, its an adaptation of “Once in a Lifetime” by Talking Heads, although other than the lyric content, the music composition is a completely original piece of work.

It won’t be on iTunes/Spotify unfortunately, but downloadable below;

Old Clips Worth Sharing…

I was just reminded about my time working on the music and sound design for “Natural World Iceland: Land of Ice and Fire” Back in 2016. Very enjoyable. Thought I would share these.

New “Broadway Project” Release “Remnants EP” coming soon on ODS Recordings

Finally, time to get around to release a backlog of music.

This small project “Remnants” was the result of a few weeks of trying out fun ideas I had around old 70’s Library music/Jazz LP’s and my love of old-school Jungle breaks. Separate from my general passion for writing music to picture, I kind of get my rocks off from time to time with some beats!

My music was years ago framed around sampling from old vinyl and I’ve been working for a few years now on sampling from myself. In this mode, these programmed drum patterns, although sounding purposefully live, have their grooves originated from classic drum breaks which formed the basis of much Jungle/Drum & Bass. In that way, hopefully I’ve captured some of essence of that time, distilled through my own, slightly odd lens.

Despite a bit of interest from Labels, I love being able to release stuff myself completely free of any outside influence (or direction….even though I like directors :-))!!

Åsa Larsson kriminalroman Rebecka Martinsson TV-serie premiär på TV4, Sverige; Soundtrack kompositör Dan Berridge.

I’m pleased to announce that the TV series “Rebecka Martinsson” that I worked on for a large part of last year will premiere on Sweden’s TV4 this Wednesday 5th March at 9pm and for the following 7 weeks.

I’m obviously very excited about this and hope its received well. It’s certainly a good series and I’m dead proud of the music.

Aaaahh, the lovely Ida.

Tack så mycket!

Rashid Ajami and Dan Berridge – Into the Night EP

I recently collaborated with Rashid Ajami, a London based Deep House producer, which was released on Larry Cadge’s inprint Smiley Fingers as an EP called “Into the Night”.

“Together they collaborated on this EP, creating a double version of “Into the night”, two tracks (Day version and Night version) connected by the same mood made of smooth and progressive deep tech house.”

Hopefully more to come.

I don’t like to talk about it….

….but I do a lot of work for charity.

I have recently written music for commercials/films that all have a charitable intent.

The first is for Bulgari and their allegiance with Save The Children. It features a track called “Field”.

Next up is a lovely film by my actual good friends Ben and Joe Dempsey, for the Autistic Society.

And finally, although Pfizer are not strictly a charity (!), this ad has good intent and message. ie. Stop Smoking. I worked on this with the film Director Duane Hopkins.

And, of course there is my score for Greenpeace – Save The Arctic film that you can see below.

New Dan Berridge score “Rebeka Martinsson Series”

I have recently been busy on two contrasting projects; one a Score for a Swedish crime drama series provisionally titled “Asa Larsson” and the other is building myself a new studio!

The former is “Rebeka Martinsson Series”, a rural crime drama based on the novels of Åsa Larsson, directed by Fredrik Edfeldt (for whom I wrote the score “Flickan – The Girl” in 2009) and starring Ida Engvoll. The following playlist is the music which constitutes two episodes from a four episode series. More information to follow.


Trippin Ghosts

I pleased that a piece I wrote with David Harks is being received well. Released on JumJum Records and available now on iTunes. The fruit of a creative break in Andalucia over the summer, where I worked on several collaborations, this is my first release proper with David Harks, even though we have collaborated on a number of smaller projects. So, I’m really looking forward to more.

O Centuries

Here’s a short film from a film-maker called Lee Foster, featuring a dance improvisation by Dancer Sam Kennedy. It features a track of mine called “Rose”.