New Broadway Project Mini-LP with Matthew Bourne

I’m close to releasing a collection of tracks written with my friend and long-term collaborator Matthew Bourne. Its provisionally titled Bourne/Berridge/Bourne and features 7 tracks written last autumn backwards and forwards from Bristol to North Yorkshire.

The album also features one collaboration with the guitarist Gareth Dickson. The artwork is a photograph by the amazing photographer and cameraman Ian Llewellyn.

I’m sure that we will continue to amend and add to this collection of tracks before I finally release it officially, but its certainly warrants sharing now :-)

“One Way to Osaka” new Broadway Project score

I’ve just finished working on a score to a short film called “One Way to Osaka” directed by Ben and Joe Dempsey.

Larger parts of it were with collaboration with David Harks on vocals and Matthew Bourne on Piano and Cello

As is the way, I will post trailers and clips soon!

New Broadway Project/Dan Berridge Adidas Advert for SA’s Orlando Giants

This is a piece that I have written for Adidas South Africa in support of the Orlando Giants Football team in Soweto (with on Piano). Here’s the original track;

In the Footsteps of Giants – Iceland Documentary Early Demo’s


I recently put a few test pieces together for a new BBC Documentary about Iceland. Its currently being filmed by the wonderful Andrew Chastney and Ian LLewellyn (Ian’s stills photography has to be seen to be believed- Ian on Instagram).

The initial idea for the music is to create some kind of relationship between natural sounds “in the field” and music within a number of minimal pieces, using natural sounds as a raw material for electronic processing to create a hybrid of musical/environmental, and then to build the score around these. I will hopefully be working with renowned field recordist Chris Watson, which will also be a privilege.

Its a challenge. But hopefully one that will create an immersive score that is “alive” with the environment. These are a few tracks where I tried out a few ideas. Next step is to get out in the field to record raw materials for the rest of the score.

Also, I would recommend the lovely blog of the filming of this program called “In the Footsteps of Giants”

“DERRIERE LA LUNE aka Behind The Moon” New Score Trailer

Here’s a trailer for a film I worked on last year for Vincent Genot called “DERRIERE LA LUNE”. It will be appearing at festivals around Europe in the coming months.

I have already posted the music from the score on a previous post below.

Derrière la lune – bande annonce from Vincent Genot on Vimeo.

Broadway Project New Music for Paralympics Samsung Film “Sport Doesn’t Care”


This is a film made for the Winter Paralymics which I wrote some music for. Entitled “Sport Doesn’t Care”. Hopefully the delicate situation out there will settle down and let people get back to doing positive things like the amazing athletes featured in the film!!

Here’s the original track used, which you can download if you so wish;


Broadway Project – Film Works Vol 2 Album Out

I am just about to digitally release the second collection of works for and from various projects I’ve worked on in the past year or two. It’s available on Spotify, iTunes, Bleep, etc


Broadway Project – Film Works, Vol. 2


Film Works, Vol. 2 – Broadway Project


From the PR blurb “Strongly rooted in bedroom urban electronic production and creative sound design, Dan’s work combines modern production techniques and minimal live orchestration. Taking confidence and inspiration from artists such as Cristobel Tapia De Veer and Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross, Dan has consciously discarded the overblown pseudo-orchestration that dominates much Soundtrack music today to compile this richly atmospheric album of “Film Works”.”


. Film Works Vol 2 art 2000



Dan Berridge/Broadway Project “Behind the Moon” OST

I’ve just finished writing music for a French film by director Vincent Genot.

Its a lovely deep surreal-drama piece, which I really enjoyed writing for. Here’s the music and I will post trailers and clips at a later date.

Dan Berridge/Broadway Project New ad scored for Guinness

I recently wrote some music for Bristol’s Omni Productions that was used for an in-house Guinness campaign. Massive dub-step!

Nikon Ad scored by Broadway Project

Two of my tracks have been just released as part of Nikon’s internet campaign for their new DSLR FX Camera.


This one uses a piece called “Field” written with Matthew Bourne which is also on our upcoming joint EP. Coincidentally, I posted the full track here a few weeks ago…see below.

Dilbruba’s, MPC’s and Interviews.

End of summer. Time for reviewing and reassessing. Two EP’s almost ready for release, waiting for vital but delayed recording sessions. In the meantime I am writing music for a lovely film for young French Director, Vincent Genot and mulling over a new film project to come.

Hoping to simplify workflow and get things back to basics. Old mixers, Vinyl Records, Dilruba’s and MPC’s.

I hope to post a listening chart regularly as the way I work is affected so much by my listening. A mixture of dusty techno and crusty etheral textural goodness. Here’s a Spotify Playlist Link to August.

August’s Meandering 10;
Hand Drawn Maps – Luke Abbott
The Magic Place – Juliana Barwick
Self-Playing Schmaltz – Holden
Humming Fields – Colleen
Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping – Grouper
Noon Hill Wood – Richard Skelton
The Drive – Jed Kurzel
Being Her Shadow – Grouper
Night-Life in Twin Peaks – Angelo Badalamenti

A little interview with me here for Gonzo Reviews.

And in the theme of playlists/Mixes, here is my virtual Mixtape for Warmer Climbs.


From a new project with Matthew Bourne. That is all.
Field by Broadway Project

Broadway Project – Better Left Unsaid EP

Just finished working on a new EP to be released 3rd June digitally on ODS Recordings and with help from Lilac London.
It features 4 new tracks and remixes from Matthew Bourne, Si Begg and Toob.

Broadway Project – Better Left Unsaid EP by Broadway Project

Dan Berridge – “Great Bear Stakeout” Music Score

I’ve just finished working on the music for the BBC’s new series about Grizzly Bears in Alaska. Its for the Natural History Unit here in Bristol and was Directed by the twin talents of Jeff Wilson and David Marks who both previously worked on Frozen and Human Planets respectively.

The series airs next week 24th April 2013 on BBC1.

The music covers a broad spectrum as BBC1 dictates, but I hopefully have managed to sneak in some of my own individual tone into the mix. I was helped on guitar by Mark Creswell and on Cello and Piano by Matthew Bourne.

You can watch a few clips here on the BBC website.

I have compiled most of the music used in the series here, although other pieces of my released music were also used;

We had a very last minute recording and mixing flurry at Real World Studios in Bath last week, with some incredible microphones. With the help of my friend and Orchestrator Liz Purnell we recorded 8 pieces with the Bristol Ensemble.

Broadway Project – Si Begg Remix

I recently conducted a remixing of a track called Fight to the Death for Si Begg. I believe the original was part of a film soundtrack for the film “UFO”.

Si has also returned the favour by remixing a track on my new EP “Better Left Unsaid”, more about which soon.

You can get gold of the full project here.

Here’s the mix;

Si Begg – Fight (Broadway Project Remix) by Broadway Project

Late last year I was asked to arrange and record a solo piano piece (Chopin Prelude No. 15 in D-Flat Major) to work with a new TV ad, that was unfortunately canceled. Matthew Bourne and myself recorded these pieces on a Steinway Grand in Leeds (UK), with Mic’s, Laptops, desks and leads in hand. I thought they were nice and would post them.

We suggested recording a solo piano version of Schubert’s Piano Trio in E Minor as it seemed to also work quite well. Whist we had imagined this would be a case of simply learning, performing and recording the said pieces, it turned out to be more involved; ie. restructuring the score to work within 60 seconds, to have the right dynamics to hit certain key points in the ad and to resolve well at the end. Not to mention working to the wrong cut version of the ad!

In the end it worked out well, Matt played beautifully, I was happy with the arrangement and the recording and everyone seemed to like it.

Chopin Prelude No. 15 in D-Flat Major performed by Matthew Bourne by Dan Berridge

Schubert Piano Trio (Solo) in E Minor performed by Matthew Bourne by Dan Berridge

Matt at work in the venue;

Broadway Project Tracks from Nuggets – Cinema Lost and Found

Late last year some tracks I recorded for a Universal Production Music Library were released on the album “Nuggets – Cinema Lost and Found” (Nuggets 07), so I thought I’d compile my tracks and post up a little information about the project.

Cinema Lost & Found NUGGETS07 by Broadway Project

The idea is to take pieces of music from the Chappell Library Music archive and remix those recordings into something new and modern, in this instance, something electronic and cinematic.

As a bit of a Vinyl fetishist, I took this as a chance to raid the faults at Universal, which contain original vinyl copies of music from many Library Music labels, such as Chappell, Bruton and Atmosphere.

New Broadway Project music for BBC Natural History project

Here’s some recently composed music that I developed for a BBC production for the Natural History Unit here in Bristol.
They are sketches vibed from the script and conversations with the production team. I worked with Mark Creswell, who plays Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Trez and National Steel.

Whilst the remaining work will go off in a number of directions, these tracks formed the basis of me getting involved and I will post more tracks and details as I begin in earnest next year.

Broadway Project Music from “Point Zero”

Here is the music I’ve written from the French post-nuke shortfilm “Point Zero” with Alaa Safi, written & directed by Arthur Cauras, produced by Forge. Currently in Post Production Nov 12.

Hopefully I should have previews of the finished article in the new year. Trailer below.

Broadway Project sister album “Film Works Vol 1″ released

My new album “Film Works Vol 1″ was released digitally on Monday. Its a sister album to “The City Breathes” and focuses, as you might expect from the title, on work I’ve done for film. Mostly over the past two years, over a number of film and TV projects.

Film Works Vol. 1 on

Film Works Vol. 1 on iTunes

I decided to release it alongside the main album as they both have a lot of similarities with the former album focusing on more beat-based arrangements. “Film Works” showcases more classic cinematic stylings as well as a number of more improvised electro-acoustic works.

I have a number of EP’s featuring new tracks a beat-based remixes coming out soon.

In the meantime here’s and nice fairly accurate review from
“Dan Berridge follows up his last double-part album under his Broadway Project alias, ‘The City Breathes’, with ‘Film Works Volume 1′, an epic 34-track selection of some of Berridge’s best and most important compositions made for celluloid. With a career heavily focused on film scores, cinematic atmosphere is unneringly apparent – this is crystalline widescreen material laced with incredible depth and icy layers of atmosphere.”

“The City Breathes” received a nice bit of support from Spotify staying on the recommended list for two weeks, see nerdy picture (which also shows I like Kraftwerk and I need a Java update);